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Anxiety Treatment Patient TestimonialsI am writing to inform you of the results of our pilot project utilizing the Alpha-Stim to assist people in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. We administered twenty-five, one-hour sessions to fifteen volunteers in two San Diego recovery homes. Time in recovery before treatment ranged from several days to seven months. Participants were all male and about half were Hispanic.

The mid and post-test scores showed significant and dramatic improvements. Of course, long-term follow-up is necessary.

I have enclosed a copy of a graph of the group average scores in depression reduction utilizing the Beck Depression Inventory, which demonstrates extremely positive effects after only twelve (12) sessions (midpoint).

On our other tests, the Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist and the Personal Orientation Inventory, participants evidenced similar significant decreases in anxiety and hostility, (these were often reduced to zero) and significant increases in self-worth, feeling-expression, and capacity for intimate contact.

Verbal feedback was equally exciting. One participant said afterwards, "something inside me has shifted and I just know I'm never going to take another drink of alcohol again." Another said, "I've been sober for about 75 days, but it feels like I've been sober for years."

The Alpha-Stim was a vital part of all this. Participants eagerly looked forward to using it, and expressed their appreciation from having benefited from it.

Thank you very much for making it available to us. Our first weekend seminar is scheduled for September 11 & 12. I'll be in touch.

Brad May, Ph.D


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