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What if the Right Anxiety Medication ...Wasn't a Medication at All?

Alpha-Stim® is a Different Way of Looking at Anxiety Treatment...

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The makers of Alpha-Stim® recognize that the brain is both an electrical and chemical machine.  The brain  produces neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine to control electrical outputs throughout the nervous system.   Alpha-Stim® treats anxiety, depression,  and insomnia with tiny electrical currents very similar to those found naturally in the brain, using a method called cranial electrotherapy stimulation.   These currents have been shown in clinical studies to normalize the electrical output of the brain as well as increase the body's serotonin and beta endorphin levels.
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Alpha-Stim® is Proven More Efficacious...

Anxiety Treatment Antidepressants 90% of patients with anxiety disorders get significant relief from the Alpha-Stim®.1  It's true, and the relief happens fast, typically within the first 20 minutes of use.  Multiple clinical studies confirm what many patients with chronic anxiety disorders already know: Alpha-Stim® anxiety treatment works when they want it to.
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Alpha-Stim® is a Safer Alternative...


Anxiety is difficult enough without having to worry about serious side effects.  Most antidepressant and anxiety treatment medication on the market today can cause serious side effects, and many now come with a "Black Box Warning."  The tiny currents of electricity that Alpha-Stim® applies cause almost no side effects.  The side effects that can occur are usually mild and self limiting. 

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Alpha-Stim® Reviewed

The machine was turned on, and I felt a tingling sensation of tiny pinpricks in my earlobes, as a few microamps of 0.5 Hz passed into my brain... the shift in consciousness was quick and unmistakable... I realized I was becoming extremely relaxed, and all of a sudden, there I was.  It was that feeling you get when all at once you blink your eyes and realize that you�re awake.*
From the book
Megabrain by Journalist Michael Hutchison, Ballantine Books, New York, pages 125-126.
*Individual results will vary.

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Reference: 1.  Is microcurrent stimulation effective in pain management? An additional perspective by Dr. Ray B. Smith. American Journal of Pain Management, 11(2):62-66, 2001.
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